Rocketstreams Kodi-addon Download:

Step 1: From home screen click “System Settings” icon in Kodi.


Step 2: In system settings, click “file manager”.


Step 3: In file manager, click “add source”.


Step 4: In add file source page, in the “<None>” add Rocketstreams
Kodi-addon download


Step 5: Enter:“”. Enter a name for this, we suggest
“Rocketstreams” 😉


Step 6: Once source is added and name is entered, click “OK”.


Step 7: Return back to Kodi home. Click “add-ons” then “install from repository”


Step 8: If you come to this screen just click the “..” and it will take you to
the above directory.


Step 9: Now, click “Install from zip file”


Step 10: You may get this security notification, click “OK” and continue.


Step 11: Click “Unknown sources” to change settings


Step 12: After prompt, click “Yes” and continue.


Step 13: Now it will bring up the Rocketstreams Kodi-addon from the source
you entered earlier that you named “Rocketstreams” and click it!


Step 14: Click the Kodi-addon and press “OK” and continue.


Step 15: Be patient and wait until the Rocketstream add-on does it’s job.
You will see a notification top right when its installed.


Step 16: Open our Kodi-addon and enter your username and password
to continue.


Step 17: Once you are in you may choose your IPTV service from Rocketstreams.


If you have any further inquires, feel free to contact us. We will assist you within 24 hours.

Thank you very much,
The Rocket Team.


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