How many devices can I use at once?

Our IPTV subscription will work with 1 device at a time but you are able to purchase upto 3 additional connections. This means you can use upto 4 devices/accounts on the same IP address. If you try to use on multiple IP it will not work for security purposes.

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How to find your MAC ID

Infomir: To find your mac address for MAG products please go to settings -> device info...

Do you provide HD streams?

Yes, we provide multiple streams in HD, HQ AND SD to suit all internet speeds.

How can I use your services?

You can activate a IPTV set top box (MAG Series/Stalker Supported Apps/STBs) which is highly...

How do I setup the Kodi or Android app?

Upon successful subscription you will receive full installation instructions for all devices...

How do I sign up?

You can purchase a subscription through our website at Once your...