Making a withdrawl

When your affiliate’s balance reaches the affiliate payout amount a request withdrawal button appears on the client’s affiliate page. If they click that to submit a request, it will open a ticket notifying us of your request. We will then go ahead and perform the action based on the payout type selection from options below:

  • 1. Create Transaction to Client – This will automatically create an expenditure transaction on the clients account. Cheque, PayPal, etc…
  • 2. Add Amount to Credit Balance – This will automatically create a credit on the clients account equal to the value of the withdrawal amount to be applied to the future invoices you receive from us.

To process the withdrawal request, simply navigate to the affiliates management page for the affiliate in question, select the Withdrawals History tab, and there you will see a form for making a withdrawal payout. This allows you to enter the withdrawal onto the system, automatically deducting the specified amount from the users affiliate balance, and performing some additional actions based on the Payout Type selection from the options below:

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