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Reseller Information

Hello, We thank you for having an interest of becoming a re-seller of our IPTV services. We hope we can collectively work together to develop a long term relationship where we can continue to support one another. Please review the information below, It will give you an idea on how our Reseller program works and

Re-stream details

Hello, Please review the information below on our re-stream connections pricing structure. Re-stream Prices: 50 connections = $7.00 per stream per month 100 connections = $6.50 per stream per month 200 connections = $6.00 per stream per month 300 connections = $5.50 per stream per month 400 connections = $5.00 per stream per month 500

Affiliate Program

Hello, To learn more about our affiliate program offered here at Rocketstreams IPTV services, please read the following information: How to sign-up 1. Please visit: – and register your free account. If you are already registered you can sign-in by visiting: 2. Click the ‘affiliate’ tab at the top and activate your affiliate

Our Support and Refund Policy

Hello, In this post, we will review our Support and Refund policy. We hope that we can make it very precise and clear on our policies, so that all our customers can stay happy! So, let’s begin… We are Rocketstreams TV, offering a 24HR free trial, so that you can see if our services are

Rocketstreams IPTV Subscription services

Welcome to Rocketstreams TV – International IPTV service provider. We will break down our services and what we offer to our valued customers here in this post. Please continue reading below: Customer Pricing: – 24 Hr Free Trial – 1 Month IPTV Service – 3 Month IPTV Service – 6 Month IPTV Service Customer Support

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