Website Maintenance

Hello to everyone, We sincerely apologize for the delay in processing orders and tickets in the last 6-12 hours. We have dedicated to put a hold on tickets+orders to make a few updates on our back end. We will continue trials through our live chat support team that...

Bitcoin Accepted

Dear Customers, We added a new bitcoin payment gateway (Altcoins also accepted). If you would like to use Bitcoin as a payment method, please review the following resources below to get Bitcoin to pay for your subscription. To learn more about Bitcoin please click...
Updated Hindi

Updated Hindi

Additional 22 HD have been added. Check them out. Let us know if you want more. View full channel list for more info! Thanks and always stayed tuned.

Update English

If you haven’t noticed we changed a lot of SD to HD and completely started re vamping our VOD. Additional 30 HD have been added. Thanks and always stayed tuned.  

Reseller Information

Hello, We thank you for having an interest of becoming a re-seller of our IPTV services. We hope we can collectively work together to develop a long term relationship where we can continue to support one another. Please review the information below, It will give you...

Re-stream details

Hello, Please review the information below on our re-stream connections pricing structure. Re-stream Prices: 50 connections = $7.00 per stream per month 100 connections = $6.50 per stream per month 200 connections = $6.00 per stream per month 300 connections = $5.50...
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