Dear Customer,

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We do apologize for down time it was suddenly unexpected.

We have working to migrate over to an older version of our previous system (XC V2), now known as XC V1. At this time we will not be taking any new customers only updating existing ones until we get everyone sorted.

All our apps are working, however there may a minor change depending on your setup. Please make sure to clear cache or restart your device/modem to ensure you are not pulling old data. Read below:

Mac ID devices:

Line/M3u accounts:
– You will need to update your line. Please get it from the panel and use this output method:

– Most apps that use m3u playlist files will require the change of stream format. For example our android app requires a change from HLS to MPEGTS, you can see here: You can get this page in our android apps by going to: settings -> stream format -> MPEGTS ->click save.

How to update your playlist:
Old M3u:

New M3u: 

Replace ‘XXX‘ with your respect username and password. You can see in bold you only have to change ‘ts‘ to ‘mpegts‘ and you will be all set.

Reseller Panel:

Note: Resellers and customers will be compensated for time lost. Please contact us. Any boxes/apps that don’t work, please let us know and we will begin testing on them. We are slowly restoring our services we hope you can understand.

Please allow some time to reply to all tickets due to overwhelming amount of inquires.

— The Team

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