STBEmu: We recommend installing and using this app from Avov’s marketplace. Their native “Tvonline” does not give users the best streaming experiencing.

Step 1: From home screen click “apps”.


Step 2: In apps click “Stream”.


Step 3: Look for “STBEMU” MAG/XTREAM.


Step 4: Install “STB Emulator” from marketplace


Step 5: Let the app install


Step 6: Click “My Apps” and find “STbemu” that you just installed.


Step 7: Click top right corner to open menu


Step 8: Click settings


Step 9: Add a MAG profile


Step 10: Name your profile


Step 11: Make sure you name it RS or Rocketstreams so you know it.


Step 12: After prompt, click “OK” and continue.


Step 13: Time to replace the MAG Portal URL.


Step 14: Begin to enter portal:


Step 15:


Step 16: Exit back to the home screen / restart the device


Step 17: MAG Portal is loading…


Step 18: Enjoy our IPTV service from Rocketstreams.


If you need further assistance, please visit:


If you have any further inquires, feel free to contact us. We will assist you within 24 hours.

Thank you very much,
The Rocket Team.

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