Our website now is only based off cryptocurrency payments. If you wish to have an active IPTV subscription with you will be required to make your payment via Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash in order for your account to be generated and activated automatically.

Here are some more details if you wish to understand any questions related to your payment and account:

  • 2 confirmations are required to confirm payment for us
  • your IPTV account details will be emailed to you immediately after 2 confirmed payments (please check junk/spam/all-mail)
  • resellers top-up are topped up immediately after 2 confirmations on our system
  • our system is fully automatic once 2 payments are confirmed for both customer and reseller your account will be generated or topped-up accordingly
  • If you are unfamiliar with bitcoin/cryptocurrency or how it works and how to make a payment to us, please read our cryptocurrency category posts for more information on how you can get started

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If you have any issues please don’t hesitate to open a ticket our support desk and our team will take care of any inquires you may have.

-RS Team

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