Dear Customer,

Apps: Andriod Download / STB Emulator Download

We do apologize for down time it was suddenly unexpected.

We have been working behind the scenes since all the instabilities issues happened 93 days ago.

We are proud to say we are now stable and running again as once before and all apps and devices are supported as before.

Please stay tuned for further details for:

  1. Resellers – how to renew your accounts
  2. Clients – how to renew your accounts
  3. Support – support tickets already submitted will be replied to with a generic message that we will then go back and fix the issue after the customer has replied back. The generic message will give steps on getting your account online with any apps/devices so we may speed up the process.
  4. We are strictly invite only. Any user with any account with us previously can login (old credentials will work) and continue their services/accounts. Any new users who want to join our services, they will have to be invited in by already currently signed up customer who can generate a 24hr invite link shared to them to sign-up.

As for any customers having issues who are already signed up. Please refresh your account details from your billing part of our website when we announce this. If you continue to have issues open ticket on the new link that has been shared with everyone via mass email. Renewals of service or new sign-ups will be fine, just check your email for your account details.

We thank everyone for their timed patience. Any small hiccups we will address but we are confident on our stability and quality.  

We will be mass emailing all users as well when we are fully operational again in a few days. Stay tuned for more details.

Mac ID devices:

Reseller Panel:

-Resellers will be compensated if they haven’t already. Resellers if your MAC ID devices are not activating, please delete and re-add the mac id and we will compensate you that credit.
-Anyone who did a charge back please contact us so we can rectify any issues with you.

Please allow some time to reply to all tickets due to overwhelming amount of inquires.

— The Team