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Christmas 2018 Sale - Rocketstreams IPTV

Christmas 2018 IPTV Sale! (COUPON: “XMAS2018”)

Dear Guest, Welcome to our 3nd Christmas 2018 IPTV sale information post. Our sale will begin at 12:01 AM EST DECEMBER 07  and end on JANUARY 1st 12:01 AM EST. This means a little less than a whole month of savings for your family/friends. Spread the word. Share the news! Our entire Rocketstreams.tv shop will

Avov TVOnline Setup Guide

 Avov Set top box setup: http://rocketstreams.tv/avov-web-tv http://rocketstreams.tv/avov-stb-emulator Portal URL: http://p4.giffy.be/c/This is tutorial for TVonline app made by Avov that is similar to Stalker portal. You can add up to 10 servers. We usually suggest using native Mag devices for best streaming experience although. Step 1: From home screen click “Market”.   Step 2: Click “TvOnline”

Avov Web TV Guide

Avov boxes natively come with TvOnline mag emulator. We find it lowers picture quality performance and doesn’t display the epg correctly and time to time will nto pull all our feeds. We highly recommend you choose to install the STBemu app from Avov’s marketplace to avoid these inconveniences. You are still more than welcome to

Avov STBemu

STBEmu: We recommend installing and using this app from Avov’s marketplace. Their native “Tvonline” does not give users the best streaming experiencing. Step 1: From home screen click “apps”.   Step 2: In apps click “Stream”.   Step 3: Look for “STBEMU” MAG/XTREAM.   Step 4: Install “STB Emulator” from marketplace   Step 5: Let

Reseller Information

Hello, We thank you for having an interest of becoming a re-seller of our IPTV services. We hope we can collectively work together to develop a long term relationship where we can continue to support one another. Please review the information below, It will give you an idea on how our Reseller program works and

Re-stream details

Hello, Please review the information below on our re-stream connections pricing structure. Re-stream Prices: 50 connections = $7.00 per stream per month 100 connections = $6.50 per stream per month 200 connections = $6.00 per stream per month 300 connections = $5.50 per stream per month 400 connections = $5.00 per stream per month 500

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